The only test valid in foreign countries is the PCR test: Direct detection of COVID-19 by RT-PCR

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    PCR test for COVID-19:

  • it is not recommended to eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth (or use mouthwash), chew gum, use drops or sprays for your nose or throat for at least 2 hours prior collection
  • cover your mouth and nose with a face mask or scarf
  • prepare a valid ID card and proof of payment
  • bring a napkin
  • come exactly on the arraged time to the collection point
  • when entering collection point, follow the instructions of the staff
  • the result sheet contains, in addition to the Slovak language, the necessary data in English, German and Hungarian language

    COVID-19 IgG Antibodies test:

    – without specific requirements

since 23.11.2020 the collection point is located at Lesík Delostrelcov, Prešov (football pitch opposite of the barracks)

The collection point is located at Kováčska 15

From the Trojica bus stop (you can get there using the buses no.: 1,2,4,5,7,8,29,39) you will cross to Slovenská street, then straight around Bašta. Mestský účelový objekt (abbreviated MUČO) with a focus on healthcare is located in front of you

Please, send us an e-mail at milasova@adla.sk. We will issue you an invoice and we will send it to you.