AdLa s.r.o. has been a provider of laboratory medicine healthcare since 1996. It is a contractual partner of all health insurance companies in the Slovak Republic. Territorially, it operates in the Prešov and Košice self-governing regions in the territory of the Slovak Republic. It provides laboratory diagnostics to medical facilities in the laboratory departments of clinical immunology and allergology (diagnostics of allergic diseases, immunopathological conditions, immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases), clinical biochemistry, hematology, clinical microbiology (infectious serology, molecular biology).

In 2004 it was thefirst laboratory in the Slovak Republic to be accredited in the field of clinical immunology and allergology, and in 2006 also in the field of clinical biochemistry. The laboratory equipment is world-class. The high erudition of the staff and its continuous education, in conjunction with the instrumentation, guarantees the high quality of the laboratory examinations provided.

AdLa s.r.o. is a provider of professional outpatient care in the medical field of clinical immunology and allergology with a day hospotal and functional diagnostics .

It is a training facility of SZU (Slovak Medical University) for physicians in the field of clinical immunology and allergology.

AdLa s.r.o. is the most comprehensive medical facility in the Slovak Republic in the medical department of clinical immunology and allergology, because it comprehensively diagnoses and treats allergic diseases and immune disorders in one complex of its laboratories and specialist outpatient clinics .

It focuses on the treatment of: insect allergies, mites and fungi alergies, pollen alergies, drug allergies, conjunctivitis, atopic eczema, food allergies, food intolerances, congenital and acquired immune system disorders, immunodeficiency conditions, chronic infections and inflammations, diagnosis of autoimmune diseases (neurologists , hepatology, nephrology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, dermatology, hematology).

AdLa s.r.o. is also a provider of health care in the field of pneumology and phthisiology. We diagnose and treat diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (acute and chronic respiratory diseases, COPD, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and cancer of the respiratory tract).

Our specialist outpatient clinics are equipped with top-notch equipment for functional lung examinations – spirometry, unique analysis of fraction of exhaled nitric oxide – NIOX, determination of lung volumes and specific airway resistance – whole-body plethysmography, oxygen saturation – pulse oximetry.

Professional health care in our outpatient clinics is provided by a highly erudite team of doctors and nurses.

AdLa s.r.o. pays constant attention to increasing the quality and innovation of diagnostic and treatment procedures in accordance with the latest knowledge, so that it can permanently ensure the improvement of patients’ health.